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What are the characteristics of sports socks with excellent socks technology segmentation

The easiest way to realize the thickness of socks is the most familiar terry weaving method, which is often referred to as towel socks and terry socks. Wool socks must be thicker than ordinary flat socks. But there is still a lot of emphasis on thickness!
Several factors determine the thickness of wool socks:

1, the height of the pile.
This is easy to understand. The higher the loop, the thicker the thickness. Generally, the pile height is 3~4mm, and a few have reached 2~3mm in order to control the cost. Sports socks for badminton or high-thickness sports socks generally require 5 mm. This is generally called high-terry in the factory and is a waste of labor. Therefore, high-quality sports socks are used. If you need higher loops, you generally need to modify the sock machine and use special needles, which requires more time and effort. Therefore, in addition to the big brand socks that require extremely high prices, the NBA’s elite socks series may use higher Terry.
However, I personally do not recommend that you only pursue thickness. Because everything will be converted within the limit, for example, the thickness represents abrasion resistance, friction resistance and shock absorption. However, if it exceeds a certain level and only pursues thickness, there will be problems such as tight blockage between sports socks and sports shoes, increased thickness between heels, and lack of feedback and freedom for dexterous movements.
Of course, in the context of the current lack of high-quality sports socks, many consumers first emphasize thickness, which is not thick.
Sports socks

2, the number of yarns.
The yarn for knitting socks is like we twist the hemp rope. Whether the two yarns are one or three must be different. This consumer can't notice. However, there is still a sense of the object in kind. Three yarn knitting wool socks must be stronger than two yarn knitting. The most intuitive understanding also knows that there is a one-third gap in raw materials. However, if consumers do not compare, they cannot distinguish the difference between three threads and two threads at once.
Especially in the current environment centered on online mail order, you can't even see the real thing, but the special sports socks continue to use 3 threads. Although no better quality can be seen, users may not know why.

3, yarn count.
The number of counts is simply understood as the thickness of each line.
The yarn count of general sports socks is 32. The larger the number, the finer the yarn, such as 40. The smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, such as 24.
Because the thicker yarn weaving is generally a low-level cotton yarn, to draw a high thread (finer yarn), your material must be sufficiently delicate. Therefore, the home textile industry respects the high branch line very much. Because of skin-friendliness, comfort is better and more delicate.
However, I have tried 40 pairs of sports socks. They are indeed very delicate, but the best balance point of sports socks may be 32.

4, the density of socks.
The parameter setting of this sock machine, generally the higher the density value, the tighter the sock, but this parameter is not felt, as long as the touch texture is more conceptual.