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What are the basic requirements for the customization of non-slip sports socks for enterprises?

1.Design and development capabilities.
(1) With a team of designers and independent development and design capabilities, it can carry out product organization structure, functional design and other technical capabilities based on ergonomic principles and technical characteristics of non-slip sports socks.
(2)Have the design ability to rapidly develop new products according to market demand.

2.the quality of raw materials.
The quality of the raw materials (or yarns) used must meet the first-class and above requirements of the product standard, and the basic safety performance indicators such as formaldehyde and pH value shall meet the requirements of GB18401B. Control the quality of raw materials in the factory, focusing on controlling the twist, linear density, strength, uneven appearance, color difference, color and shortcomings of the raw materials.
Non-slip sports socks

3. Technology and equipment strength.
(1)It is knitted and produced by a computer integrated hosiery machine with automatic stitching function.
(2)The hosiery machine used has the functions of automatic density change, yarn tension control, and automatic adjustment.
(3)The knitting site should reach a production environment with a temperature of 15℃~29℃ and a relative humidity of 65%~75%.

4.inspection and inspection.
has the ability to inspect the product surface defects, vertical and lateral elongation value, abrasion resistance, color fastness and other inspection capabilities for raw material twist, linear density, strength, uneven appearance of dryness, color difference, color and raw material defects.